Sunday, August 05, 2007

Alistair Begg on Friday (nearly)
Back much later than I anticpated, we're still looking at Begg's words to preachers. I hope that this one helps establish the blogging habit!

3. The story-teller. This man has convinced himself that since everyone loves a good story and since people tend to be less inclined to follow the exposition of the Bible, he will develop his gift of storytelling to the neglect of the hard work of Biblical exposition…

4. The entertainer. Too often these days one is invited to preach with no thought given to the preacher being part of the worshipping throng. Instead he is invited to relax ‘backstage’ until it is time for him to ‘do his thing’. .. I do question the rightness of such a procedure…. There is a marked difference in perspective between the joyful solemnity I recall in the vestry of Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh, in the final moments before it was time to mount the pulpit steps and the ‘go get ‘em’ camaraderie in many churches today, the latter being more like a locker room sixty seconds before the kickoff.