Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ah, me... (part 2)

If you prefer it in writing, here is Conrad Mbewe's modern-day parable:

Car keys are meant by the car designer to be used only in the ignition keyhole. You do not, in the name of human rights, insert them in any other opening on the dashboard or, worse still, in the exhaust pipe. It is only when we follow the mind of the car designer, and insert the keys in the ignition keyhole, that we can have a joyful and fruitful ride.

Kids playing in their parents’ car often insert keys anywhere. With their voices they mimic the roaring of the engine. With their hands on the steering wheel they gleefully bounce off the seats as if they are on a bumpy road, but they never bring back any groceries from their joyful rides. That is okay. It is kids’ stuff!

The leaders of the Church of Scotland are adults. Have they enquired from the Designer of human sexuality where to insert the keys in order to have a fruitful ride?

Ah, me...