Monday, January 05, 2009

Doctor Who - The Truth

At last, the New Doctor has been announced, and not everybody is happy about it. Libby, I did my best.

Perhaps it's time to tell the truth about that photo. The truth is, I didn't apply for the job at all. But the story is an odd one - at least I think so. I was on my way to preach in York where Mark Troughton is pastor; Mark is son of the second (and greatest) Doctor Who - Patrick Troughton. I'd never met Mark but knew who he was.

Imagine my surprise then when I stopped at a petrol station just near to the church for a little 'personal comfort' and found myself outside the Tardis - picture attached. I know these things were supposed to be on every street corner once upon a time, but I had never actually seen one before. But perhaps Mark still uses his Dad's old 'car' to get to church?

Question (and answer) for British Christians. Two men are known in Britain simply as 'The Doctor'. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is one. Who is the other?

And another question. Back in the halcyon days of William Hartnell, the Tardis was malfunctioning, which was how it always looked like a police box, wherever it travelled. Is it still malfunctioning? Or is there now some other excuse?

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Libbie said...

Funnily enough, there is an excuse. The chameleon circuit was fixed, but he didn't like it, so he deliberately broke it because he liked the Police Box so much.

And I agree with your term for Troughton - the 'greatest' Doctor. Others are my favourites, but Troughton fills the part out like no-one has quite managed since, and made what 'defines' a Doctor to me. It's just a crying, crying shame such a big percentage of the lost episodes are his.

I didn't know that about Mark Troughton, it's lovely to hear. I'm a font of useless DW information, I know nothing worthwhile at all :-D