Friday, February 13, 2009

Election and Tears

I heard CJ Mahaney cry. I can't quite remember how it happened that I was listening to one of his tapes. I mean -he's a charismatic with an apostolic ministry! I'm a cessationist with an extensive international ministry (= 'has preached long sermons in England and South Africa'). Perhaps it was the obvious respect that Mark Dever has for CJ, or that of John Piper.

Anyway, however it happened we (beloved bride and I) were driving back from the-nearest-thing-to-heaven and listening to one of CJ's sermons on Ephesians. (Perhaps this one.) Once or twice, he paused. Then, it became obvious he was sobbing. And he explained: 'I'm sorry, but this is my story. God chose me... '

My wife and I smiled in a superior way at one another. And I said 'Typical American' (sorry, guys!) 'Typical charismatic.' (Again, sorry...)

Then I began to think (I could feel the strain). I can preach on Sovereign Election without being moved. He can't. Who's wrong?

CJ is now one of my favourite preachers. And, for what it's worth, I've yet to hear him say anything 'charismatic'. His big thing is Grace. Sovereign Grace.


adrian reynolds said...

Have you heard him preach on sleep? Boy oh boy; really helped me sleep! Great sermon. Search for it, it's worth it, as they say.

Gary Benfold said...

I'll watch for that one, Adrian. But my sermons have the same effect.

ReformedChristian said...

I love CJ Mahaney and he makes bald cool too!

Steve said...
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