Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I became an evolutionist last week. I can't help it - sorry. The logic is so compelling.

See, I was watching this program on Channel 4 where they autopsied some kind of giant whale. And Richard Dawkins explained with such charm how it got to be the way it is. Here it is - at the moment.

The way it happened, said Richard, is that having come out of the sea and with a great deal of difficulty adapted itself to the land, it decided to go back into the sea. But the fur it had evolved on the land isn't a very good insulator in deep water, so it (or rather, they) swapped the fur for blubber. That's what he said. Swapped it.

And that did it for us. Suddenly, a mental picture formed of all these great bear-like creatures lining up to swap their fur for blubber, and everything slotted into place. It's so obvious. Light dawned. Let there be ligh -- oh, no, sorry; that's the Other Side. The penny dropped. It really did happen.

Yeah, right.


Wayne said...

Since becoming a Bible believing Christian watching wildlife documentaries has become less enjoyable. It's kind of a shame as I do like nature documentaries, but a lot contain too much evolution and too little objective science. After a while I tend to get cross and change the channel.

Gigi said...

I have quite a lot of blubber. Do you think I could swap it for fur?