Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cameron's Folly

This is not a political blog and I'm not a political animal.  But the news that Cameron has  invited Clegg to be Deputy Prime Minister dismays me.  Why, when Clegg deceived Cameron during the negotiations (by authorising simultaneous negotiations with Labour) does Cameron think he's got any reason to trust him?

I've just watched the joint press conference which Nick Robinson perceptively described as a 'love-in'.  They seemed to get on well.  But Cameron will, I think, rue this day.

And I do wish they'd stop saying 'the people voted for a hung parliament.'  NOBODY voted for a hung parliament - it wasn't an option on the ballot paper. 


Jonathan Hunt said...

No deception as far as I can tell. They told the conservatives what they were doing and they were (in practical terms) right to do it - now they can easily claim that Labour rejected their offers and justify their alliance.

Gary Benfold said...

Not quite, Jonathan. Clegg said he would negotiate with the party that had won most seats, the Tories. He did so; he didn't say he was also negotiating with Labour and had implied - if not actually said - that he wouldn't, unless negotiations with the Tories broke down.
Then, 'it emerged'; William Hague looked furious on TV news on Monday night and only just, I think, managed not to lose his rag. We Yorkshire men are like that - iron self-control when we need it.