Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Stephen Hawking
If I were an atheist, I'd be worried!

Many years ago I found a book of mathematical puzzles.  The only one I remember seemed to prove that every point inside a circle was actually on the circumference.  I was doing 'A'-level maths at the time (and, at the time, that meant something) and finding the flaw seemed a good idea.  I couldn't.

Neither could my friend Pete, who was brighter than me (not hard to believe, I know).  So he set out to do what the puzzle said - you know, it was one of those that read 'draw a radius AB and extend AB to the point C such that the ratio...' - and so on.  As soon as Pete actually tried to do what it said, we discovered (note the 'we' - I'm happy to claim partial credit for his work) that it couldn't be done; therein lay the flaw.  If you assumed it could be done, the maths all followed, and every point in a circle was on its circumference.  The moment you tried it, though...

Stephen Hawking thinks that the universe created itself; once it wasn't there, and (while not there) it created itself and became there.  ‘...the universe created itself out of nothing; spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing.’  Yep - it's a quote; I'm not making it up.

If you were an atheist, wouldn't that terrify you?  The world's most famous scientist - one of the best minds of his generation (if not the best) says, in effect, 'The only alternative to God is a universe that made itself out of nothing.  Once there was nothing, and it exploded...'

Pardon my French, but isn't that just - er - stupid?  And those who believe it also are - well, 'although they claimed to be wise they became fools' (Romans 1.22).

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