Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where have all the preachers gone? (Again)

Do you remember this?  And this?  And this?

It's a running sore: so many of our preachers are going to America.  And today, I hear that Liam's probably going, too.  Worse still, it's Philadelphia - again.  One city taking two of our better preachers in two consecutive years.

I'm not going to complain.  But is it OK if I pray that the church will say a resounding 'No!'?

PS Furthermore, see this - put even better than I put it myself.


Jonathan Hunt said...

Gary, I am SO with you here. Although some have pointed out that the USA has sent us a lot of less famous street-tramping missionaries and church planters in return.

Ben Stevenson said...

Perhaps this is partly a reflection of the same issue in other areas of life - see here.

America offers opportunities in many professions that are less available in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I recall that when Yorkshire called, you were lured away to the Bible belt of the south, didn't you! You can't run with the hare and the hounds!

Gary Benfold said...

Anonymous - YOU RECALL WRONG. Yorkshire never, ever called - no church in the North - North of Aylesbury - ever showed any interest at all in my ministry. There was a time when we thought it might happen - and we would certainly have gone.

Anonymous said...

lol !
But you know YORKSHIRE needed you!
So you see, if you don't value what you have it simply drifts away to places where it is valued by someone.

Ben Stevenson said...

Why are people leaving anonymous criticism? Surely it is better to put your name to your comments.

Anonymous said...

Its an option, and I don't want to set up an account.
Sorry to intrude ... I'll toddle off then.

Gary Benfold said...

You don't have to toddle off, Mr Anonymous. Provided you stick to the rules (good manners being one of them) you can stay, anonymous or not. BUT - setting up an account is not the only way of telling us who you are; you could, for example, start your contribution with 'This is Joe Bloggs' (real name preferred). Then that means we know whether all the anonymous posts are from the same person, or not (I suspect not); and since one of them seems to think they know something about me, it would enable me to make a better response. Go on - tell us who you are!

Anonymous said...


I'm sure all the rules are whatever you say they are! But you've already judged that I'm, male, and you need my name before you judge content too!

Who commissions and gives pastors to the churches? Who owns those pastors? If you are at all worried about this situation, then the appropriate response is to pray, and encourage others to pray - for the sake of the nation. But then the UK has been so greatly blessed in past generations, it is easy to see that panic sets in when the Sovereign Lord moves His servants.
Pray that he will raise more faithful men, and send them out to the nations.

Gary Benfold said...
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Ben Stevenson said...

You seem to have made accusations of hypocrisy and of not trusting in God.
Can you not see that these are serious matters, and that an anonymous posting on an internet forum is not the best place to deal with them.
See Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Timothy 5:19. There are appropriate and inappropriate ways of dealing with disputes in all areas of life, including on the internet.

Gary Benfold said...

Dear Anonymous - In calling you 'Mr', I'm just trying to be polite - miss. (Mrs?)

Where did I say I needed your name before I judged content? (Do you know how to be accurate? Apparently not. But is it willful and stubborn, or merely a sign of your youth? How can I know?)

And it matters, because dealing with people differently according to who they are is Biblical - see Jude 22,23 for example (have you read it?)

That's sarcasm - and it's appropriate for some but not for others; but it's hard for me to tell, not knowing who you are. That's all.

The Lord's rich blessing upon you this Lord's Day.

Stephen said...

I have to admit, I let out an "Oh no!" when I read it. That's three good men lost from London to the US in the last couple of years, all of them to a denomination that has a surplus of home-grown qualified men!