Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Have a break...

From today, I'll be taking a break from blogging - for the whole month of February.  I've been working since Adam was a lad on a DMin on the evangelistic preaching of Lloyd-Jones, especially from the book of Acts - his long, last series at Westminster Chapel.  Now, I need to get it done.

The elders and church here have kindly granted me two months' study leave, one month at a time, to try and 'break the back' of the thesis: February is the first of those months.  But fear not - I'm scheduling a few repeat posts to keep you going during the month.

And I'll be back on the first of March, God willing.  I hope you'll both be back with me then.


Jonathan Hunt said...

okay doc

Peter Eaton said...

Every blessing, Gary. I am sure we will all miss your postings, but I trust your studies will prove fruitful.