Friday, January 13, 2012

Engaging with Lloyd-Jones

Having been at the conference that produced this symposium, I've been wanting to do a review of the book, but held back until I could do it properly.  Now, I've read a review that says most of what I'd want to say - it's Jeremy Walker's, here.  I particularly agree with what Jeremy has to say about the comments on Lloyd-Jones' treatment of history - comments that at the conference were made, I think, by David Ceri Jones but taken up and developed here by John Coffey.

I'm a big fan of Lloyd-Jones.  I'm doing my doctorate on his evangelistic preaching. I don't think he was infallible, and am quite willing to say precisely where I thought he was wrong.  I welcomed the conference, the critical analysis and some - emphasise some - of the papers.  One or two of the papers - which haven't found their way into the book - were delivered, to all appearances, by men who'd once met someone who'd heard of Lloyd-Jones vaguely, so shallow were their comments.  Others of the papers were somewhat thin.  Perhaps I'll be back to this when time permits; meanwhile, read Jeremy.

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