Wednesday, April 04, 2012

All religions lead to God, says evangelist

Here's the full quote:

"Let us remember that all religions do lead to God - all people will eventually meet God at the throne of judgement.  Only Jesus brings people to God on the throne of grace.  Only Jesus brings us to God the Father.  So it is crucial that everyone hears about the Saviour, before they meet Him as their judge." (Roger Carswell, in his April newsletter).

So - what are you doing to tell them?

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prohunter said...

All religions do lead to GOD. I am tired of seeing people opening the Bible to prove their Religion is the only one, and way! If you go to TX. from AR. we will both get there even tho you drive a Cad. and I drive a VW. It is hard for you to except Islam if you are raised Pentecostal all your life, as it is for this Islam person to except yours. When Moses was before the burning bush, GOD said "I AM THAT I AM". If you look at what GOD said, HE said what ever you think I AM, Or want me to be, I AM. This idea that we have the only way is far from truth and understanding. The problem with Denominations is as long as they keep getting in the way, salvation hasn't got a chance.
DR. Clyde M Davis D.D.