Tuesday, July 03, 2012

An awful lot of know-how

There are a lot of things that Switzerland really knows how to do well.  Make chocolate.  And clocks.  And knives.  And make their trains run on time.
AND - it knows how to rain.  After the delights of FIRST, we decided on Saturday to have a day around the chalet/flat.  Always pleasant.  In the evening, it began to rain and to thunder a little.  It rained all day Sunday (though it didn't stop us getting to Parkside Church to hear Alistair Begg), with intermittent thunder and very low clouds.   And it rained all day yesterday, Monday.  More thunder.  More low clouds.  Often the cloud is so low that the Eiger is simply invisible - a major magic trick if ever there was one. 
And when I say it rained - well, a quiet storm is the best way to describe it.  Water flooding down the roads and pavements.
We got out for meals twice - to the same place each day.  The Memory bar does a burger day on Sunday and a Burito day on Monday - 10CHFr for a really good meal.  The Buritos especially were an unexpected delight.  But that was the extent of our excursions.
Today it's Tuesday.  Surprise, eh - right after Monday again?  It isn't raining, though the forecast isn't brilliant.  The clouds are on the tops of the mountains: that is, we can see the mountains again, but we're not sure whether it's worth ascending.  It may just be a day in Interlaken, then.

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