Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympic Fever

No-one is more surprised than I that I've actually found these Olympic Games interesting.  I'm not a sporty type; my athletic figure is merely a natural gift.  Against my will, almost, I was massively impressed by the opening ceremony (and surprised; I'd always thought James Bond was fictional).  And I, too, gentle reader, was caught up in the euphoria on Super Saturday.

But I do have one grouse.  It's those men (and it is men) who blubber into the microphone when they haven't won.  'I've let everyone down.  I've let my Mum down (sob).  I've let my Dad down (sob).  My neighbour's budgie has given me such support.  I've spent months living in a tent in Arctic conditions (silly fool - ed.) and my whole life is pointless.  Blubber, blubber, sob.'

Hmm: here's a tip for those who are 'inspired by these games' that are 'inspiring a generation'.  If you can't face the possibility of not winning - don't compete. 

And guys - in general - stop blubbing.  Win or lose, you're men.  Quit yourselves like men, eh?

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