Monday, November 05, 2012

A little obedience

Hilary was a young woman we saw converted in Aylesbury.  She hadn't expected to be converted - she came to church to try and make a bargain with God, but he did exceeding abundantly above all she asked or imagined.

A few weeks later she came to see me.  She'd been reading in 1 Corinthians that a woman should not pray with her head uncovered (11:3).  She explained that, since she was the only Christian in her house, she did most of her praying in the bath.  Did God want her to get out and get a hat first, she asked?  She was serious - she just wanted to please him.

Though still very young, she died suddenly a year or two ago.  She never lost that joy in the Lord that made her want to please him in smallest details.  She never lost that willingness to understand - and then obey - the Bible.  

God give us more converts like Hilary.

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