Saturday, November 15, 2008

Evangelistic Preaching and Lloyd-Jones
I plan to produce a post sometime soon on evangelistic preaching. In the meantime, here's a proposal I'm working on for a DMin dissertation with WEST; I'd appreciate any help in refining it. "An evaluation of the evangelistic preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones with special reference to his Acts series of sermons and its relevance for UK pastors today."


Jonathan Hunt said...

No suggestions, but I am certainly looking forward to a treatment of this theme, having grown up under a ministry which followed this feature of MLJ's ministry closely.

The question that arises to me most often is 'why did not more of MLJ's admirers and followers not mimic his practice in this regard?'

Gary Benfold said...

Jonathan - the ministry you're talking about is at the Met Tab - right? I know Dr Masters is a fervent advocate of weekly evangelistic ministry; just the other week I was listening to a 30-year old tape of his (Evangelistic arguments in Jeremiah) which is absolutely excellent.

Your question's a good one; can I ask it of you? Why do you think it is?