Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh goody - there's going to be an inquiry

Baby P had a short life of pain and brutality and was eventually killed by those who should have protected him. So it's great to know that an inquiry (maybe even several inquiries) will be set up to see how wicked social workers could possibly have allowed this. The thinking seems to be this:
  • There's no doubt about who killed baby P
  • There's no question of it being provocation or self-defence: baby P's kung-fu skills were not yet sufficiently developed for this to be an issue
  • Therefore we need an inquiry so that next time someone's tempted to abuse a child they'll think 'Better not; could trigger an inquiry. Might even get social workers into trouble...'

Or: we could just execute the killers.

Meanwhile, just to prove that we have got our priorities right, a loving father spends a night in police custody for smacking his son. Welcome to Madland.

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