Thursday, November 11, 2010

On the interpretation of dreams

'Your old men will dream dreams...' says the Scripture (Acts 2:17)

Hmm.  I was talking to a guy recently who belonged to some kind of charismatic house group.  He was asking me about a part of the world I'd never heard of.  A few years ago, it seems, he'd had a dream about that part of the world and thinks God was telling him that they ought to support missionaries there.

Funny that.  Just the night before I'd had a very vivid dream.  I couldn't get the TV to turn off.  I was using the right remote control, it was set up right.  The batteries were fine and I moved nearer and changed the angle - but whatever I did, the TV stayed on.

It's pretty obvious what God was saying to me: I'm far too quick to turn the telly off.  I need to watch it more - probably a lot more.  I'm a preacher and need to understand society - so don't be turning it off: watch it in abundance.

Mind you - Elaine thinks God's telling me that I just can't turn the TV off.  That I'm addicted. That I need to do something about it - I watch so much of it that it's as if the remote control doesn't work.  My dream's a warning.

Oh dear.  If only God had given us some infallible way of knowing his will.  You know - a book, or something, with everything we need for life and godliness.

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Jonathan Hunt said...

Masterful, just masterful.