Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back again... The Archies!

I do apologise to my faithful reader; the relentless demands of the Day Job are making blogging somewhat occasional.  I hope today's music my indicate the end of the trend.  Listen carefully for this, until you find deep meaning in the lyrics - and then be sure, be absolutely sure, that you're wrong!  (And it's 36 hours early, just to be friendly)


Peter Eaton said...

No deep meaning coming through yet, but I think just listening to it has brought on type 2 diabetes (and waves of nostalgia!)

viagra online said...

Great song! The B side of the original 45 RPM, "Melody Hill", is just as good. It has great guitar riffs and a lot of Oooos. I might submit those lyrics. Yes, I'm a fan of those much neglected B sides. There are many great songs fading to oblivian as 45s become extinct. I just like to point them out when I can.