Saturday, September 01, 2012

Keeping the promise...

OK, let's start September with a little light relief, courtesy of Chris ('I taught him all he knows') Sinkinson and Evangelicals Now:

A girl was being mocked in class by her teacher because of her Christian faith.  'Come on,' said the teacher, 'Explain to us why you're a Christian.'

'Well,' said the girl, 'My Mum's a Christian and my Dad's a Christian and they brought me up to believe in Jesus.  So I'm a Christian.'

'That's just ridiculous,' countered the teacher.  'What would have happened if your Mum had been stupid, and your Dad had been stupid?  What would you have been then?'

'In that case,' said the girl - not needing much time to think about it - 'I guess I'd have been an atheist.'

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