Sunday, September 01, 2013

Spurgeon Preaching to Persuade

Barry King

Dear Preacher of the Gospel,

Before you let your 'native reserve', 'cultural sensitivity' or even your 'theological position' keep you from earnestly imploring sinners to repent and believe the gospel today, please, I urge you, consider the words of Mr Spurgeon who preached thusly: 

"We need a Baxter to bring men to immediate decision—Baxter with weeping eyes and burning heart—Baxter who says, “I will go down on my knees to entreat you to think upon eternal things.” Baxter, who cries and groans for men till they cry and groan for themselves! Why will you die? Why will you let that fatal procrastination kill you? Why will you put off seeking the Saviour until your day is over? Why will you still waste the candle which is so short? Why will you let the day go when the sun already dips beneath the horizon? By the shortness of time, by the sureness of death, by the certainty of eternal judgment, I beseech you to fly to Jesus and to fly to Jesus now."

May many come to Christ through your preaching today.

Warmly in the Saviour,
Barry King

Barry's words are used with his kind permission; and he sent me the link for the Spurgeon sermon, 

Have you ever heard anyone plead with a congregation like that?  And - not withstanding Barry's opening remarks - would it be culturally appropriate in the UK today?

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