Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An Apple a day...

For a little while now, I've been wanting an Apple.  

An applemac, perhaps

Or maybe an iPhone

or even an iPad

Now, at last, I've got a good reason.  I'd be supporting morality.  Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, has made it known that he intends to do all he can to keep porn off Apple products.  As a result, many magazine publishers developing 'apps' for the iPad are having to self-censor.

Not everybody's happy; some see it as a limitation to their freedom. (Jobs, according to them, is not allowed freedom to decide what can be shown on a product he's designed.  It's the usual liberal garbage: 'you must tolerate my perversions but I'd rather be damned than tolerate your standards'.)

But good ol' Steve has an answer for them: 'Yep, freedom from programs that steal your private data.  Freedom from programs that trash your battery. Freedom from porn.  Yep, freedom.'

He's even gone so far as to speak of his company's moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.  Good on you, Steve - may God give you success.

Now, I'm just off to explain to Elaine why it's my Christian duty as a Pastor to buy as many Apple products as possible.  She'll probably think I mean cider...

Thanks to Mark Earley at Prison Fellowship/Breakpoint for this information)


Young Mr. Brown said...

Interesting. I'm quite impressed that Jobs wants to do this, and I applaud him. Especially as he has managed to annoy some people.


Of course the problem lies in the definition of pornography.

And reading through Charles Arthur's piece in the Guardian, it looks like Apple probably will allow access to some material that I would consider pornographic.

Wayne said...

I think it is great that Steve has actually said no to pornography on the iPad/iPhone - I hadn't realised that he said this.

When it was reported several weeks ago that these apps were being removed from the App Store it was also reported that some developers submitting new applications to the Store had spotted a new App category called - 'Explicit'. It wasn't seen by everyone and was soon removed but it led to the rumour that perhaps Apple were removing these Apps in preparation of launching an 'explicit' version of the App Store (hence my cynical comment last night).

I think Apple kit on the whole is very good in this regard. For example, I can (and have) created login accounts on out iMac at home. Not only can I simplify the interface for them, but I can control what applications they can use and what websites they can visit - all out of the box. I know you can get parental control software for Windows but with a Mac the controls are included.

Wayne said...

I should have clarified that these user accounts on the iMac were for my children!

Ben Stevenson said...

Perhaps we shouldn't get so excited about Apple wanting to control what you can see on their products given that they donate money to support gay marriage. Apple are also allegedly happy to censor political views they disagree with.
We should be wary of one company wanting to control things as much as Apple do.