Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'm sorry, but I don't understand... (#1)

So, Israel has been enforcing a blockade on Gaza for some years now.  Let's leave others to argue whether the blockade is legal, moral, or serving any purpose.  There it is.  And a number of (apparently) humanitarians  decide to breach it in six ships.

Now, what do those 'humanitarians' think Israel is going to do?  Stand aside and say 'Oh, well, if you insist'?  Of course not; they're going to enforce it.  So five of the six ships wisely turn aside into Ashdod to be searched by the Israelis.  One ship continues.

Now, what do those 'humanitarians' think Israel is going to do?  Stand aside and say, 'Oh, well, if you really insist'?  Of course not: they're going to enforce the blockade in the only way now open to them (short of sinking the ship) - they're going to board the ship.  And as they do so - as Israeli commandos descend onto the deck - they're attacked by the 'humanitarians' beneath them.  That's not propaganda - it can clearly be seen on video.

Now, what do those same 'humanitarians' think the commandos are going to do at this point?  Climb back off board and say 'Oh, well, we didn't know you felt that strongly about it!'?  Of course not; they're going to defend themselves.

And this is the Israelis, remember.  They're not famed for 'turning the other cheek'.  They're not famed for moderate responses.  They are famed for getting the job done.  So they defend themselves.  Tragically - but inevitably - a significant number of 'humanitarians' are killed or injured.

I don't understand: what did they expect?  Why is the world up in arms - which nation, enforcing a blockade, would allow it to be breached?  Or when its soldiers were attacked would expect them to curl up and die?

I'm sorry - I really don't understand.  Is 'humanitarian' a synonym for 'stupid'?  Or is Melanie Phillips right - that the whole thing was a terror ambush?

There are lots of things I don't understand...


Oh, look; the video  'appears to contradict the protesters' claims that they offered no violence to the special forces soldiers as they stormed the boat.'  Yes, it does, doesn't it?

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