Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Much Missed

Dan Phillips’ blog entry on ‘How flu is better and worsethan cold’ reminded me, oddly enough, of Mum.

Mum never had a cold; she always had flu.  I’d seen a TV program where one of the telly doctors (Hilary Jones, I think) had said ‘The difference is this: If somebody tells you there’s a fifty pound note on the front door step and you don’t care enough to go get it, you’ve got flu.  If you can get out of bed at all, you’ve got a cold.’

So I shared this piece of medical wisdom with my Mum.  She agreed.  Definitely, she said.  Then she added ‘You really feel bad with flu.  I had flu last week, and could only just manage to go to work...’

She was a character, Mum.  And she’s much, much missed still.

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