Monday, February 13, 2012

A phenomenal talent, an awful tragedy

Those with phenomenal talent seem to have a well-above average tendency to leave us early.  It isn't yet known what killed Ms. Houston, but her destructive life-style was no secret.

The song that will always be most associated with her name has powerful, personal memories for me.  While it was still a big hit, my own wife Elaine was in the midst of one of her sessions of serious illness, and she became frightened that, this time, I would lose patience and leave her.

In one of those Grand Romantic Gestures that only a Yorkshireman is capable of, I bought her Whitney's 'I will always love you' and said 'Listen to the lyrics of this.'  Hmm; I should have listened first.  For though the refrain is 'I...I...I... will always love you' the whole song is saying 'I will always love you, but I'm leaving you.'   It wasn't - to be honest - a great help at the time.

Still - great song, wonderful voice, phenomenal talent - and an awful tragedy.

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