Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grindelwald again!

Just over two years after the last visit we're here again, by the kindness of friends John and Yvonne.  It's Wednesday morning - we arrived on Monday evening after a great flight and long and pleasant train journeys.  After a couple of weeks rotten weather in England (icnluding some floods in Yorkshire, especially) we were looking forward to a change.  We didn't get it - not at first.  We arrived in rain, and Tuesday it poured down all day.  We could only just get out to the shops to get the necessaries, the Eiger was invisible, and so on.  To make matters worse, news from home was that the weather there was brilliant...
Still, the weather did give me time to sort out the TV.  Naturally, cable TV brings English channels easily enough; the problem was that the TV screen told us that it was receiving no signal from the media box.  Check the connections.
Well, we all know how easy that isn't.  TVs are difficult to move, connecting leads are not long enough for manouevering, and so on.  But, check the connections I did.  No change.  Follow all the instructions again  - make sure I'm 'tuned' in correctly.  No change.  Do it all again.  And again.  No change.  Keep on trying every time I'm bored.  No change.  Contact John.  'Have you tried re-setting the box?'  No, I haven't.  I wonder why - I have to do that with my virginmedia box often enough.  Try resetting the box - unplug the power, wait thirty seconds (I waited thirty minutes!), reconnect.  Abracadabra - there's the picture.  It's like a miracle.  Even bigger miracle - Andy Murray is slaughtering his opponent - a Brit who's winning easily.  Wow.
Prior to that, I'd had to sort out the laptop.  John had sent me with his, and I connected it up and it all worked fine.  But the next day - no.  It switched on, and off immediately.  Then, it wouldn't even switch on.  Had I triggered some sort of security mechanism?  Surely not - the laptop would have to come on in order for that to happen.
Problem?  The power cable's in two halves.  The connection between the two was poor, so the laptop had run on internal batteries and then stopped.  Plug in properly, and we're away.

So - am I a technical genius or not?  Answers please on the back of a 50CHFr note...

Today, the weather's much better.  I can see the Eiger.  Breakfast on the balcony.  And - we're off to Interlaken for the day, I think.

Pictures when available, like last time.

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